Inground Series Pools



  • Geometric and freeform shapes offer options in size and style.
  • With the heat retention properties of our insulated walls, you will save $1000’s on energy costs.
  • 100% Full Lifetime Transferable Warranty.


Radiant LED Light


Radiant Pools brings you a new and improved LED light option. These low voltage lights are designed to be energy efficient, with an incredibly long lamp life, and easily installed into a standard return fitting. Because they require no grounding or bonding and can be placed in shallow or deep areas, they provide the most flexibility when it comes to light placement.

Radiant LED Lights are available in a choice of white or color array. Trim rings included with this light come in four color options; black, gray, beige and white, so you can match the light to the liner and/or coping on the pool.

Eco-splash Safety Covers


Eco-splash safety covers are a safe, attractive and functional addition to your outdoor environment. Our covers provide peace of mind by creating a protective barrier that keeps everything out of the pool, including Mother Nature. It’s comforting to know when you open your pool that there will be inviting, clean water waiting for you with minimum maintenance.


Stair Options

Take the next step!

Inground stairs give everyone in the family easy and safe access to your pool, as well as a fantastic gathering area for conversation and relaxation.
The Radiant Pool gives you a number of options in stairs, so you can choose the one that fits the design of your pool surround while meeting your safety and social needs.

Inside Stair Options

Vinyl over built-in stairs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including space-saving inside corner stairs for smaller backyards.Your choice of built-in stairs will depend on the size and shape of your Radiant Pool.

Walk-in Steps

Add a beautiful thermoplastic step for the complete inground pool experience. These steps extend outside the perimeter of the pool and are available in variety of styles to fit your poolscape. All our steps offer easy access and exit, while complementing the aesthetic appeal of your Radiant Pool. Now you can relax and ease your way into the water.

Wall and Liner Patterns